Amanda was first called upon to treat our baby Bichon who was approaching her twilight years some 6 years ago. From the first visit, Amanda showed extreme passion and dedication in keeping our baby healthy. ‘Sammi’ went through some very difficult and serious ailments during this time…Bladder stones, Cushings Disease, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Liver Disease and Anal gland issues..Amanda always came through – no doubt using her great knowledge and dedication in keeping animals alive and healthy. She offered us conventional medicine, surgeries and medication… along with alternative options including acupuncture, herbs and natural diet therapies. Sammi was healthy and happy with a combination of therapies for a long, long time.

Finally at the ripe old age of 16, during ‘Sammi’s’ final moments, Amanda shared her love, compassion and dignity toward both us and our beloved pet. We unreservedly recommend Amanda and her veterinary practice to anyone wanting the best of care and we are so lucky to have such a person in Forster.

Eddie & Michelle

(Owners of Sammi, Bichon Frise)

After dealing with a number of vets with a number of pets, Amanda’s professionalism stands out from the rest – she really sees your pet as a patient, and makes recommendations for their wellbeing as if it were a GP advising you on your child. She’s always sensitive to your big-picture needs, so I always trust her advice is in the best interests of not only my pet, but myself and my family too.

Her knowledge is also incredible broad – there isn’t much I’ve asked her that she hasn’t already researched, and if I manage to ask something left of field sure enough she has information in spades soon after!


In 2012 our miniature foxie, Georgie was diagnosed with neosporosis, a parasitic infection. She had been walking strangely for a while, we took her to a vet who diagnosed a prolapsed disc. We took her to three other vets in different locations…we were not satisfied with the diagnosis.

We heard about Dr Amanda Wood from Windan’Sea Veterinary Surgery who had only recently started a practice in Forster and took Georgie to see her. After some consultations Georgie was given some specific blood tests and eventually diagnosed with neosporosis. At this time Georgie was still walking but, as mentioned before, very strangely and pain-free. Amanda also diagnosed her with Cushing’s disease.

By 2014 Georgie’s four little legs were permanently stiff. Georgie uses a doggy stroller in which she loves to go for a walk with one of her parents pushing her and the other one walking her sister, Milly. Her little head never keeps still as she looks from side to side and her tail doesn’t stop wagging.

Whilst there are times that Georgie’s handicap could probably be considered an “inconvenience” as she can no longer take herself out of the doggy door with Milly and cannot get herself to her water bowl as she used to do, the unconditional love that this little dog gives and the happiness that radiates from her makes the “inconvenience” seem a small price to pay. Everyone that meets her is surprised at how happy she is (sometimes she really does smile) and how interested she is in everything that goes on around her. She constantly watches everything that Milly does and even barks encouragement at her when she is running around. Georgie is a very happy and loving dog!

With Amanda’s compassionate medical expertise and our loving care, we have never doubted that Georgie’s quality of life is dignified and pain free. Georgie means the world to us…Amanda treats her as if she means the world to her…nothing could make us happier. Her staff are knowledgeable, professional and caring. What more can you ask for?


(Owner of Georgie)