Cat and Dog Wards

We have separate cat and dog wards that are insulated and climate controlled.  Our cats have specially designed cages with hammocks and privacy for going to the bathroom!  Our cages are lined with specialized fleece and we provide beds, pillows, toys or whatever is needed to ensure your pet is comfortable when hospitalized.

Separate Species Consulting Rooms

We have a room dedicated for dogs with pooch post for hitching up, one for cats and all other species to minimize stress for our more vulnerable patients. We are in the process of re-designing our reception and building an outdoor waiting area, so cats and dogs have separate areas to wait before seeing the doctor.

Hitching Post

Not all dogs like going in cages! We have found that ‘hitching’ anxious dogs up with a bed or fleece to lay on provides a less stressful hospital experience.  Don’t forget to use the ‘hitch’ on our reception desk too!

Whole Food Pet Food

We sell only whole food pet food at Windan’Sea, encouraging to clients to get away from commercial brands that are mainly ‘filler’ and poor quality ingredients.

Camera Surveillance Monitors

Our entire hospital has constant digital camera monitoring.  We can see how much dinner they ate, monitor their heart and respiration rate…from home! Our main hospital ward for critical patients has an extra special camera that provides a detailed view, magnification and even sound

Fresh Air, Natural Light, Cleaning with Essential Oils and Happy Pheromone Applications.

After A LOT of research we have cleaning options that kill bacteria and viruses but do not overwhelm animals with the typical hospital chemical smell that creates fear in so many pets visiting the vet.

Low-Stress Handling