About Us

We recognise the strong bond between animals and their people.

We provide friendly, compassionate, and progressive care. AND we provide responsive and practical information about pet care to help you manage your pets medical problems and life-style overall.

We offer advanced diagnostics, surgery and medical care ON SITE. Our vets and nursing team have decades of experience to ensure quality, nurturing care for your best friend. We emphasize the value of communication in our client relationships, making informed decisions based on evidence and taking all treatment modalities into consideration. But REMEMBER the best medicine is preventive medicine!  Integrative medicine considers not only the ‘problem you came in for’ but is a WHOLE patient approach, considering your pets entire lifestyle. Dr. Amanda Wood has extensive emergency medicine training and has learned over the past 10 years that combinations of both western and eastern medicine often provides the best clinical outcomes.

Our motto is ‘We leave nothing to chance.’

And we endeavour to provide our clients with the peace of mind that no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing medical care for your beloved pet.

WindanSea Team